Bob Moroney ...


BOB has been a New Mexico fan since the late 70's when he first found his way to Santa Fe. The clean air, the star-filled night skies and the smell of pinon smoke he found irresistible. After almost 25 years of simply vacationing in this great State, with his wife Kristine and he left the comforts of his big city life in Chicago and headed to Ruidoso. It was 1998 when he first "discovered" Ruidoso. He remembers cruising through Midtown here with its quaint shops and the towering Sierra Blanca ahead through the windshield and he turned to Kristine and asked "Why have we never heard of this place." Two years later they were living here!

Licensed as a QuaIifying Broker since 2002, Bob brought a mixed bag of professional experience to Ruidoso having spent about ten years in commercial insurance, another ten years in PC software development which evolved into focusing on Web related development and advertising and marketing. Since moving to Ruidoso in January 2000, he's expanded his repertoire even further owning lodges, a flooring store, and commercial rental space and vacation homes and fixing up quite a few along the way.

Bob loves managing his brokerage and working with his Brokers on a daily basis. "It's the quality of people that I work with at BuyRuidoso.com which gets me up and to the office seven days a week." He says. "My personal goal is to make everyone of our Brokers a multi-million producer."

His passions are hiking with his wife, new technologies, red wine (the good stuff), buying and selling properties, helping others do the same and just living the good life in the high country

When asked if you had to get a tattoo (you're being at held at gunpoint) what would it say or be an image of Bob responds ...

"If he had to get a tattoo, it would be the 'Special K' logo in honor of his wife Kristine because she is his Special K ... awwwwww, ain't that sweet."

Position: Qualifying Broker | Owner
Phone: 575-257-8516
Cell: 575-937-7437
Toll Free: 866-450-7236
Fax: 575-257-8524
Email: bob@buyruidoso.com
Link: http://www.BuyRuidosoProperty.com